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By Jack Hills / August 20, 2016
Adventure Bloggers
Top 25 Adventure Blog

If you are an adventurous person then you need all the information you can get to make your life more adventurous. You need to learn about the places, techniques and equipments required to enjoy all the tours. The best way to do that is to follow all the blogs that provide you the right kind of knowledge.

It is time to think outside the box and follow all the tremendous and trendy blogs that will lighten your day.

1) Holly Beck:

The owner of the blog is from a remote fishing village in Northern Nicaragua. She has spent ten years of her life travelling and enjoying life in the best way possible. Experience makes it a lot easier for bloggers to mentor and guide you to live the kind of fun life you crave.

2) Cool Adventures:

The blog is run by a pair of cool folks that travel the world from one part of the globe to another experiencing all sorts of fun and adventurous events. The blog will teach you that it is not only important to just enjoy, but to learn all the new and possible theories of life.

3) Hiking The Trail:

It is hard to understand that so much good can come just by travelling. The experiences help you grow into a better and wise person, but at the same time it gives you so many cool stories to tell your grand children. The reason “hiking the trail” blog is the best is because it speaks to you. It inspires you to keep moving regardless of the hurdles.

4) Brian’s Backpacking Blog:

The most crucial list of details to be noted while travelling includes the stuff to be carried with you. The amount of the stuff, the quality, and the kind of things all matter equally. This is why there is a strong need to keep a track of the blog “Brian’s backpacking blog”.

5) Best Hike:

If you are not the kind of person that procrastinates and walking is your passion, then you are going to love the blog “Best Hike”. This blog keeps track of the best hiking and guides you in your adventures.

6) Big Outside:

The blog is for beginners who are passionate about travelling but are new at it. Hence it is necessary for you to follow it if you are interested in being the best hiker, backpacker, climber, backcountry skier, trail runner, paddler, or cyclist.

7) Appalachian Trials:

Reflecting upon the life of current hikers and bringing them in the spotlight is the blog’s number one goal. Apart from that, it encourages potential youngsters for long distance backpacking and hiking.

9) Kayak.Im:

Kayaking is the main focus of the blog. Apart from that, it motivates people for paddling adventures in and around Manx waters and further afield. Play boating; sea kayaking, surf kayaking and river running are all the trendy topics that make the blog a big success.

10) Her Side Of The Mountain:

As the tagline of the blog says, “I hike, I camp, I do it alone. You can do it too”. It makes it very clear what the blog is about. However, you should follow the blog to make sure nothing stops you from living your dreams.

11) Romantic Camping Blog:

As the name of the blog indicates, it is all about romantic camping. The owner of the blog considers himself a student as he discovers more about romantic camping. At the same time, he is a teacher teaching you and I about it through his blog.

12) Greene Adventures:

A handful of hiking and urban adventures are featured by the blog “Green adventures”. It doesn’t matter how old you are or what interests you have as long as you are following this blog, you’re going to see your dreams come true with perfection.

13) Northern Camping:

The blogger take an annual fishing and camping trips to the best places in the world. He has dedicated his blog to share tips and reviews about fishing and camping. A must follow blog has been created by the owner Ben.

14) Beyond The Tent:

If you are a resident of the US or have a dream wish to experience amazing adventures in the US then this is just the blog for you. This blog has been dedicated to camping all over the US.

15) Eveningsends:

The blogger demonstrates a handful of lively adventures through his beautiful writing. The articles not only make you want to experience it all, but pave a clear path for you to enjoy the glee of the world.

16) 2cycle2gether:

The inspiration you need to travel the world and live an adventurous life despite of your struggles of life comes from reading the blog daily. The bloggers of the blog have experienced so many tragedies yet found a way to make it all work out just fine for them.

17) Hazel Findlay Climbing:

The blogger travels all over the world climbing interesting pieces of rock for almost all her life. You can learn from her bravery and passion about rock climbing.

18) Camping Blogger:

The blogger has travelled the world in harsh and unbearable climates. He has faced things one can only imagine. By following his blog you are allowing yourself to develop patience and learn more about your goals.

19) Elpedalero:

The blogger has been cycling in Mexico , south America and the Caribbean. He has successfully crossed deserts, jungles, mountains, savannas, salt flats, littorals, shantytowns, and megacities, and has encountered almost every kind of animal, plant, and person.

20) The Hike Guy:

If you are passionate about hiking then this blog is the right fit for you. The only goal it has is to promote hiking and make it common all around the world.

21) Bald Hiker

From beaches to mountains, the blogger has travelled and experienced every bit of joy. It doesn’t matter if the joy comes from food or scenery.

22) Lady On A Rock:

The blogger loves to backpack, climb, cycle, day-hike, capture moments, and get outdoor activities rocking. If you love a happy go lucky blogger then you need to follow ‘lady on rock’ now.

23) Clever Hiker:

The blog is all about world’s best backpacking tutorials. The blogger has donated all his time in making the world of adventurous folks happy and easy.

24) Adventurous Parents:


Apart from travelling and capturing the moments, the author shows that outdoor adventure is possible with a young family. It has been an honor for her to help people live the kind of fun life they wish to spend.

25) Dirtbag Darling:

All the tales of a women sipping coffee while camping are making the blog a big success. It exists to inspire women from all around the world to follow their dreams and wishes.

Sometimes, a little reading can make your life a lot easier. It can help you understand more about your choices and about the adventures you are wishing to have in life. The bloggers you will follow after reading this blog will definitely help and inspire you. So buckle up for some mind blowing articles.

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